Dedicated to supporting
individuals, government agencies, schools and corporations
to holistically assess and manage risk and conflict.

Investigation and Open-source Intelligence
Threat Consultation
Behavioral Threat Assessment and Management
Linguistic Threat Analysis

Our approach prioritizes informed decision making and the realization of safe and meaningful resolutions.

CPW combines decades of experience and focused expertise with cutting-edge technology to holistically assess conflict, threats and concerning behavior to develop strategies that mitigate harm and support safety.

CPW’s licensed psychologists can apply their clinical and forensic expertise to supplement threat assessment and management services with comprehensive psychological evaluations focused on safety, security and risk reduction.

CPW’s prevention services can assist you to create plans to prevent conflict, insider threat, and violence. Evaluations are also available to help you build on the strengths of your current efforts.

CPW can support recovery and healing if your organization or corporation is affected by the trauma of violence, conflict or other threats to mental health or safety. Services provide leadership and management support, crisis communication consultation, and crisis mental health support.  We also provide post-incident reviews, psychological autopsies, and reputational damage mitigation when conflict, threat, or violence occur.